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Krav Maga in English in Prague

All our classes are fully English speaking and we welcome everyone who wants to learn Krav Maga, regardless of where you’re from, what’s your age or your fitness level. Don’t wait! Join your preferred training program of Krav Maga to learn to defend yourself and get fit… even if you’re just a beginner!

Adult courses

Learn to protect yourself and get fit by joining one of our regular group courses, where you will meet a friendly bunch of people from all over the world who will support you on your journey to become confident in defending yourself in all kinds of real life situations.

Private classes

Focusing 100% on your development needs, Krav Maga private classes are progressing according to your pace at your preferred training times which enables you to learn at your own speed and achieve your goals faster with a personalized Krav Maga and physical conditioning training plan.

Kids Classes

Sign up your children to one of our multinational kids classes, where they not only learn valuable life skills like how to recognize and evade dangerous situations, but they become stronger and capable to efficiently stand up for themselves, if needed. They also get to practice their English and have fun while learning.

Why learn Krav Maga


Learn how to avoid, prevent, deter or otherwise handle all types of violent confrontations with the Israeli self-defense Krav Maga. Build up your stress tolerance, confidence and the physical ability to effectively deal with conflict situations.

Fighting skills

Learn fighting techniques used by the military and law enforcement officers all across the western world and develop the skills you need to protect yourself and your loved ones in real life situations with our Krav Maga exercises.


Get in shape, increase your strength and stamina with our integrated advanced training methods and processes. With the israeli self defense training you not only learn new life skills but you also get a great workout.

Personal development

Apart from learning real life self-defense skills and improving your fitness level, you will also work on assertive communication skills, increase your stress tolerance and improve your decision making ability when you are under pressure.


Excellent trainer, fun group of people from all over the world. Great technique training and also a great workout!

Samuel Swartz

Security analyst

I’ve enjoyed both the strength and conditioning aspects of the class, and the practical training. Classes are offered in English and the environment is respectful and welcoming of female learners.

Maria Wasilewska

Technical author

Great way to combine love for martial arts and learn both theoretical and practical skills of self-defense effectively! Mike is an awesome teacher, knowledgeable, patient and very supportive in general!

Jonatan Habart

Medical student

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