Firearms training


Training session intended for beginners with no or limited experience of shooting with real firearms. On this event you will learn the basics of shooting and handling some of most popular pistols, submachine guns and rifles from around the world.


  • Safety training
  • Principles of safe gun manipulations
  • Firearms shooting basics:  weapons mechanism, proper gun handling, reloading, stance, trigger and breath control
  • guided target shooting practice with the following firearms:
    • Beretta 71 pistol, 18x.22 cal
    • Glock 17 pistol, 30x9mm
    • UZI submachine gun, 15x9mm
    • AK47 rifle, 15×7,62mm

Learn how to shoot

Shooting practice that is dedicated to provide a deeper knowledge of shooting techniques, manipulations with different guns and their historical background. On this event you improve your accuracy and learn how to make a precision shot using a wide variety of guns from pistols to a sniper rifle.


  • Basic safety training
  • Introducing to the history and peculiarities of different firearms
  • Disassembly and assembly demonstration (G17 pistol, AK 47 rifle)
  • Demonstration and practicing of quick reload, shooting techniques and field strip
  • Guided shooting practice with
    • Glock 17 pistol, 30x9mm
    • Beretta 92 pistol, 30x9mm
    • UZI submachine gun, 30x9mm
    • AK47 rifle, 30×7,62mm
  • Opportunity to try other guns (CZ75, Makarov, Colt1911, .357Magnum Revolver, Mauser k98k, Mosin-Nagant 1891, SVD-PSL sniper rifle, M4 assault rifle, Benelli pump-action shotgun)

Team buildings

Military-themed team building on the biggest tank range in the Czech Republic. On the 200 hectares facility, you will have the possibility to explore the underground of the Soviet army, explore different pieces of machinery, take a ride on a real combat troops carrier. During the event, you will also learn how to manipulate different types of firearms safely and then test yourself in target shooting amongst your colleagues. Activities are intended to make you feel a real team spirit and perform in maximum safety and a friendly environment.


  • Visiting machinery exhibition
  • Briefing and safety instructions
  • Team ride on infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1 (5 km circuit)
  • Basic firearm safety training
  • Target shooting practice with 6 legendary firearms (Glock17 9 mm pistol, .357 magnum revolver, UZI smg, AK47 rifle, M4 assault rifle, pump-action shotgun, 75 shots total)
  • Target shooting competition with memorable prizes
  • Drinks & snacks

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