This is an extensive subject that I could write a lot about, but I try to keep it short and very honest. Krav Maga is the most simple self defense and if you train consistently you should start seeing results after 3-6 months regardless of your fitness level and experience in the beginning. That is the reason why we do not offer any shorter membership plans. If you want to learn basic self defense skills, you need to at least commit to actively train that long, otherwise you are wasting your own and other committed members? time. Having said that, we cover a comprehensive range of attacks including standing empty handed attacks, chokes, restraining and controlling type attacks like headlocks and bearhugs, armed attacks (knife, baseball bat, guns), attacks on the ground, with all the above like in standing position, armed and unarmed, rape, multiple attackers, in combinations,in different scenarios, with additional basic 3rd party protection skills. With this in mind, it is important for you to understand that real life attacks are dynamic and you need to quickly adapt to a fast evolving situation and effectively execute the techniques under extreme pressure. That is reality. If anyone tells you otherwise,or trains you for something else, leave fast and stop comforting yourself with lies because they will not save your and or your loved ones lives at a time of need.? To conclude, for the techniques to work effectively in real life, like with any physical activity, it requires coordination, a certain fitness level and condition that you will achieve through your training according to your dedication and level of commitment. You should be able to apply every technique learnt pretty much right away in real life. To increase your chances of success while minimizing the risk of personal injury, each technique requires several repetitions. To be able to successfully execute the techniques under extreme stress, you need to train them until they become part of your muscle memory which starts forming from around 500 repetitions and becomes an established habitual response after 5000 repetitions, meaning you will do it without thinking even if you are woken up from your sleep. While this may sound a lot, you can be sure to progress rapidly with our advanced training methods derived from military programs, because we understand that being able to defend yourself is not a project for 10 years but you could need it any day. After achieving a certain level it is important to keep practicing otherwise you get rusty and your knowledge becomes passive so again you may not be able to effectively apply it when you need it. In short, you will learn the basics in 3-6months, than you’ll work on improving your efficiency and stress tolerance, train for a variety of scenarios under gradually increased pressure until you become confident in your skills and achieve a high success rate. Stay away from schools that offer you shortcuts, there are none – if there were I would do it myself. Stay away from schools that don’t simulate real life scenarios. Those Krav Maga schools are usually nothing more than certificate and belt factories with a goal to take your money and give you false confidence that may cost you dearly should you ever end up in danger. After you master some skills and become able to use them successfully more than 50% of the time in simulations, you train to keep your knowledge active while supporting the community and the newbies with your experience. As a result, for many of our students, Krav Maga is a path and a journey for life. We dedicate ourselves to genuinely improve personal and public safety, maintain good physical condition and health and to bring like minded people together in the English speaking community of Prague.
Miklos Handa
With 10 years of combined experience in Krav Maga and various combat sport disciplines, he is a committed instructor with a keen focus on expanding your limits and preparing you for real life situations.
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